About Us

Empowering global change-makers, Evolveable is here to help you navigate the complexities of sustainability and make a real impact through transformative learning experiences.

Who we are

At Evolveable, we're not just sustainability experts; we're agents of positive change.

With a global mindset and hands-on experience, we guide individuals and organisations through the complexities of sustainable evolution.
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Our purpose

At Evolveable, our purpose is to redefine global sustainability by empowering individuals and organisations with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to drive tangible positive impact.

Evolveable is trusted around the globe

Evolveable stands as a trusted beacon globally, recognised for its transformative approach to sustainability.

With a commitment to driving positive impact on a worldwide scale, our solutions have gained the confidence of individuals and organisations seeking to navigate the complexities of sustainability with practical skill development and strategic alignment.

Companies Impacted


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Why Choose Us

We excel in practical skill development, connecting sustainability to real-world implementation. Our focus on systems thinking and strategic decision-making ensures you have practical skills and tools to execute in your business.  

Innovative Learning Environments

Dynamic and risk-free: Experience dynamic, risk-free learning environments that go beyond traditional methods, providing a unique and effective approach to education.

Commitment to Real-World Application

Implement sustainability confidently: Evolveable is committed to bridging the gap between knowledge and action, ensuring you leave with the confidence to implement sustainability strategies effectively.

Strategic Alignment

Connect to business goals: Choose us to seamlessly align sustainability initiatives with your core business objectives, enhancing strategic decision-making fluency.

Meet our team!

Meet the exceptional minds behind our impactful initiatives.

Our team at Evolveable brings together diverse expertise and a shared commitment to driving positive change in sustainability. 

Ashley Olsson

 Director of Impact and Sustainable Solutions

Ashley, a Chartered Environmental Engineer and Sustainability Professional, brings almost two decades of sustainability expertise to Evolveable.

With a deep understanding of complex value chains on a global scale, Ashley focuses on integrating sustainability from the early stages of concept development and design. Whether collaborating with climate tech and circular start-ups or providing guidance to boards and executive committees, Ashley recognises the importance of balancing business strategy with sustainability goals.

Active in the Standards Australia Circular Economy Committee, Ashley is dedicated to promoting impact-driven solutions by harnessing sustainability and circularity as innovative strategies to tackle worldwide challenges.

When not working, Ashley enjoys spending time with his two young beach-loving children.

Leela Dilkes-Hoffman

Circular Economy and Sustainability Lead Trainer
Originally from Margaret River, Leela has worked both in Australia and internationally to share the vision of a circular economy and support its implementation.She holds a PhD in materials engineering from the University of Queensland and was the lead of the innovation team for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Plastics Initiative (a leading circular economy institute based in the UK).A major passion of Leela’s is ensuring that upstream innovation — rethinking the way we design products and services to deliver root-cause rather than band-aid solutions — is always front and centre in circular economy discussions.She has experience working with a broad range of stakeholders, including large corporates, industry bodies, NGOs, start-ups and innovators to build the capacity and alignment needed to implement circular economy solutions.Leela now lives in Perth with her young family but makes regular trips back to Margaret River to get her trail-running and beach-combing fix.

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