Scope 3 Strategy Masterclass

Embarking on a Scope 3 emissions inventory without first developing a strategy wastes valuable resources and impedes progress towards achieving your decarbonisation targets.

Our S3S Framework prioritises strategy, expediting your decarbonisation journey. Through collaboration with companies worldwide, we have honed this framework to reduce emissions across their value chains without requiring deep data analysis. We equip you with the necessary tools and processes to develop your strategy effectively today. 

This course is designed for sustainability and ESG managers seeking a step-by-step roadmap to developing a Scope 3 strategy or individuals wanting to upskill in Scope 3 emissions.

Suitable for companies with large scope 3 emissions, typically greater than $50 million revenue per year.

Online Course


5 Modules


Ashley Olsson


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~36 hours


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Scope 3 Masterclass

In the Scope 3 Emission Strategy Masterclass, you will gain advanced insights into the complexities of Scope 3 emissions, covering indirect emissions from the value chain and supply chain.

Practical tools for the identification and assessment of material Scope 3 emissions will be acquired, enabling a comprehensive analysis

You will develop skills to develop a strategic and impactful Scope 3 emission reduction plan, considering both short-term and long-term objectives.
By the end of this course, you will:
  • Advanced Scope 3 Understanding: Gain insights into Scope 3 emissions, covering indirect emissions across the value and supply chain.

  • Identification and Assessment Mastery: Acquire practical tools for accurately identifying and assessing material Scope 3 emissions relevant to your company.

  • Integration into Business Strategy: Learn effective strategies for seamlessly integrating Scope 3 emissions into broader business and sustainability strategies.

  • Supplier Engagement Strategies: Develop skills to engage suppliers in Scope 3 reduction initiatives, fostering collaboration and shared responsibility.

  • Strategic Reduction Planning Expertise: Acquire the expertise to develop strategic and impactful Scope 3 emission reduction plans, considering both short-term and long-term goals.

Addressing the complexities associated with Scope 3 emissions

Navigate the intricate landscape of Scope 3 emissions with confidence through our masterclass.

We address the complexities tied to Scope 3 emissions, offering practical tools, strategic insights, and expert guidance.
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Comprehensive Identification Tools

Masterclass provides practical tools for accurate and comprehensive identification of diverse Scope 3 emissions sources in your value chain.

Strategic Integration Strategies

Addressing the elusive integration challenge, the course offers insights into seamlessly leveraging Scope 3 emissions as an innovation opportunity.

Supplier Engagement Frameworks

Tackling the crucial aspect of supplier engagement, the masterclass provides effective frameworks for collaboration and shared responsibility in Scope 3 reduction efforts.

Navigating Complexity with Expert Guidance

Offering strategic insights and expert guidance, the program equips participants with the skills needed to navigate the intricate complexities associated with Scope 3 emissions with confidence.

Our Unique Approach

Dive into our S3S Framework, where advanced insights meet practical tools. Tailored for sustainability professionals, transforming knowledge into impactful reduction strategies for a sustainable future.

Practical tools

You receive practical tools to develop your strategy as you progress through the S3S Framework.

Tailored Framework for Impact

Our S3S Framework enables you to not only understand but also implement effective reduction strategies aligned with company goals.

Actionable Learning for Sustainability

Empower sustainability professionals with actionable learning, transforming theoretical knowledge into real-world impact.
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What's Included

Module 1

  • Net Zero Evolution for SMEs

Module 2

  • Climate Change Fundamentals
  • Understanding the Science of Climate Change
  • Fundamentals of Net Zero Emissions
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Small and Medium Businesses
  • Australian Climate Change Policies and Regulations

Module 3

  • Quantifying Your GHG Emissions Profile
  • Understanding the Importance of Measuring GHG Emissions
  • Understand the Different Scopes of Emissions
  • Importance of System Boundaries
  • Identify and Collect Relevant Data Sources to Build your Emissions Inventory
  • Building you Baseline Emissions Forecast

Module 4

  • Setting Your Emissions Target
  • Importance of Setting Ambitious and Achievable Emissions Targets
  • Net Zero vs Science-Based Targets
  • Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)Selecting Your Target
  • What are Carbon Offsets and Credits?

Module 5

  • Identify Emissions Reduction Opportunity
  • Understand the Concept of Emission Hotspots
  • Systematic Approach to Identify Emission Reductions
  • Explore different areas for Emission Reductions
  • Analyse the cost-effectiveness and feasibility of different Emission Reduction Strategies
  • Tools and Methodologies for Evaluation

Module 6

  • Developing and Executing Your Net Zero Strategy
  • Key Components of your Net Zero Strategy
  • Integrating Emission Reduction Measures into your Business
  • Importance of Engaging Employees in Driving Emission Reductions
  • Strategies for Fostering Employee Buy-In and Creating a Culture of Sustainability
  • Developing a Communication Plan for Your Net Zero Journey
  • Financing Your Net Zero Journey
  • Collaboration and Partnerships on Your Net Zero Journey


"Impact Academy at Evolveable is a game-changer! As a Sustainability Manager, the practical skills I gained accelerated our initiatives. The holistic understanding and real-world application surpassed my expectations. Highly recommended!"
Sarah Thompson | Sustainability Manager
"Evolveable's team delivered beyond words. The strategic alignment sessions transformed how we integrate sustainability. The Impact Academy is the go-to for CEOs navigating the complexities of sustainable business practices."
Alex Rodriguez | Chief Executive Officer
"Our team's sustainability fluency skyrocketed after engaging with Evolveable's programs. The blend of workshops and simulations was a game-changer. The Impact Academy is a catalyst for cultural change."
Dr. Emily Chen | Head of Learning & Development
"The Impact Academy exceeded my expectations. As a student, the real-world simulations gave me a head start in applying sustainability concepts. It's a must for anyone serious about making a positive impact."
James Foster | Graduate Student

Who Is This For

Sustainability Managers

Tailored for sustainability professionals responsible for managing Scope 3 emissions within their organizations, this masterclass equips them with advanced strategies and tools.

Supply Chain Analysts

Ideal for supply chain professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of Scope 3 emissions and develop effective mitigation strategies to reduce environmental impact.

Corporate Strategists

Beneficial for corporate strategists and decision-makers, this masterclass offers insights into integrating Scope 3 emissions considerations into broader business strategies.

Environmental Consultants

Relevant for consultants specializing in environmental management, this masterclass provides advanced knowledge and techniques for advising clients on Scope 3 emissions reduction initiatives.

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Scope 3 Strategy Masterclass follows
a three step streamlined approach


Strategic Understanding

Begin with a strategic exploration, gaining advanced insights into the nuances of Scope 3 emissions, covering indirect emissions from the value and supply chain.


Practical Mastery

Acquire practical tools and methodologies for accurate identification and assessing of Scope 3 emissions in your value chain.


Integration and Application

Seamlessly integrate the strategies into broader business and sustainability contexts, fostering effective application aligned with company objectives.

Frequently asked questions

Why don't you focus on developing a Scope 3 inventory?

Having collaborated with companies and value chains globally, we have determined that creating a Scope 3 inventory without a strategic approach is inefficient and yields suboptimal returns on investment during the initial years. It is imperative to prioritise the identification of significant emission sources and tailor your strategy accordingly. While data acquisition will follow, establishing a solid foundation will enable you to extract maximum insights from it when the time comes.

Why is addressing Scope 3 emissions crucial for organisations?

Scope 3 emissions often constitute a significant portion of company's emissions inventory, extending beyond direct control. Effectively addressing these emissions is crucial for a comprehensive decarbonisation strategy and to meet stakeholder expectations.

How does the Scope 3 Masterclass cater to different industries and company sizes?

Our masterclass is designed to be adaptable and applicable across various industries and company sizes. The S3S Framework provides insights and tools that can be tailored to meet the unique challenges and contexts of diverse participants.

What practical skills will I gain from the Scope 3 Masterclass?

The masterclass equips participants with practical skills and tools to develop their Scope 3 Strategy throughout the course. 

How does the masterclass help in engaging stakeholders for Scope 3 reduction efforts?

Collaboration across value chains is a critical lever to reducing Scope 3 emissions. The masterclass provides frameworks and strategies for fostering collaboration with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders, ensuring shared responsibility in Scope 3 reduction initiatives.

Scope 3 Strategy Masterclass

Accelerate your decarbonisation journey today. Designed by decarbonization experts to assist sustainability, ESG, and climate managers with limited time.

Online Course


5 Modules


Ashley Olsson


Can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices


~36 hours


A$ 3497