Impact Academy
All Inclusive Bundle (Yearly)

Unlock comprehensive sustainability education with the Impact Academy All-Inclusive Bundle. This package includes access to all our meticulously designed courses and assessments, providing the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in sustainability, decarbonization, circular economy, and climate change. Whether you’re beginning your sustainability journey or looking to deepen your expertise, this all-inclusive bundle offers the resources you need to achieve your goals and drive meaningful change.

Benefits of the All-Inclusive Bundle

Comprehensive Coverage

Gain access to a full suite of courses and assessments covering critical areas such as net zero transition, circular economy, and climate change competency, ensuring a well-rounded understanding and capability in sustainability.

Cost-Effective Solution

Save significantly with the all-inclusive bundle compared to purchasing each course and assessment separately. This bundle offers a budget-friendly way to equip your team with top-tier sustainability education and resources.

Enhanced Strategic Alignment

Align your organization’s sustainability efforts across various domains with expert-designed courses and assessments. This cohesive approach ensures that all aspects of your business's sustainability journey are covered, leading to more integrated and effective strategies.

What's Included

Impact Academy All Inclusive Bundle (Yearly)

The Impact Academy All-Inclusive Bundle provides unparalleled access to a wide array of courses and assessments tailored to enhance your sustainability journey. This comprehensive package includes courses such as SME Net Zero Evolution for both Australia and UAE, Scope 3 Strategy Masterclass, and foundational courses in circular economy business transition. Additionally, it features critical assessments like the Climate Change Maturity Assessment, Board and Executive Climate Change Competency Assessment, and various sustainability maturity assessments. To further support your efforts, the bundle also offers the SME Sustainability Policy and Checklist Template Bundle, and advanced simulators for sustainable and circular business transitions. With this bundle, you have all the tools and knowledge at your fingertips to drive impactful and lasting sustainability initiatives.